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Enriching Linked Datasets with New Object Properties

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    Enriching Linked Datasets with New Object Properties

    Although several RDF knowledge bases are available through the LOD initiative, the ontology schema of such linked datasets is not very rich. In particular, they lack object properties. The problem of finding new object properties (and their instances) between any two given classes has not been investigated in detail in the context of Linked Data. In this paper, we present DART (Detecting Arbitrary Relations for enriching T-Boxes of Linked Data) – an unsupervised solution to enrich the LOD cloud with new object properties between two given classes. DART exploits contextual similarity to identify text patterns from the web corpus that can potentially represent relations between individuals. These text patterns are then clustered by means of paraphrase detection to capture the object properties between the two given LOD classes. DART also performs fully automated mapping of the discovered relations to the properties in the linked dataset. This serves many purposes such as identification of completely new relations, elimination of irrelevant relations, and generation of prospective property axioms. We have empirically evaluated our approach on several pairs of classes and found that the system can indeed be used for enriching the linked datasets with new object properties and their instances. We compared DART with newOntExt system which is an offshoot of the NELL (Never-Ending Language Learning) effort. Our experiments reveal that DART gives better results than newOntExt with respect to both the correctness, as well as the number of relations.

    Enriching Linked Datasets with New Object Properties
    by Subhashree S, P Sreenivasa Kumar

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