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Classification Driven Dynamic Image Enhancement

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    Classification Driven Dynamic Image Enhancement

    Convolutional neural networks rely on image texture and structure to serve as discriminative features to classify the image content. Image enhancement techniques can be used as preprocessing steps to help improve the overall image quality and in turn improve the overall effectiveness of a CNN. Existing image enhancement methods, however, are designed to improve the perceptual quality of an image for a human observer. In this paper, we are interested in learning CNNs that can emulate image enhancement and restoration, but with the overall goal to improve image classification and not necessarily human perception. To this end, we present a unified CNN architecture that uses a range of enhancement filters that can enhance image-specific details via end-to-end dynamic filter learning. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this strategy on four challenging benchmark datasets for fine-grained, object, scene and texture classification: CUB-200-2011, PASCAL-VOC2007, MIT-Indoor, and DTD. Experiments using our proposed enhancement shows promising results on all the datasets. In addition, our approach is capable of improving the performance of all generic CNN architectures.

    Classification Driven Dynamic Image Enhancement
    by Vivek Sharma, Ali Diba, Davy Neven, Michael S. Brown, Luc Van Gool, Rainer Stiefelhagen

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