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 Learning the Enigma with Recurrent Neural Networks


Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) represent the state of the art in translation, image captioning, and speech recognition. They are also capable of learning algorithmic tasks such as long addition, copying, and sorting from a set of training examples. We demonstrate that RNNs can learn decryption al…

 Supervised Speech Separation Based on Deep Learning: An Overview


Speech separation is the task of separating target speech from background interference. Traditionally, speech separation is studied as a signal processing problem. A more recent approach formulates speech separation as a supervised learning problem, where the discriminative patterns of speech, spea…

 Launching the Speech Commands Dataset


Posted by Pete Warden, Software Engineer, Google Brain Team At Google, we’re often asked how to get started using deep learning for speech and other audio recognition problems, like detecting keywords or commands. And while there are some great open source speech recognition systems like Kaldi th…

 Voice control everywhere

Low-power special-purpose chip could make speech recognition ubiquitous in electronics. Voice control everywhere by Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office

 Learning words from pictures

System correlates recorded speech with images, could lead to fully automated speech recognition. Learning words from pictures by Larry Hardesty | MIT News Office